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 THE ANSWER: 32/4 Intermediate (video link)

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PostSubject: THE ANSWER: 32/4 Intermediate (video link)   Tue 02 Mar 2010, 10:15

One of the most well known karaoke and cabaret songs in the World.. it is also one of the most Kitsch and totally Cheesy. .. and the story behind the dance and the music means so much to me personally.


The Answer

Choreographed by:- William Sevone, March 2010
Choreographed to:- "The answer to everything" (76 bpm)... David Alexander (iTunes and Amazon)
Four Wall Line Dance:- 32 count – Intermediate
Dance Video Link:-
Choreographers note:- Because of the sweeping turns this dance is ideal for those Advanced Beginners
who have just moved into the Intermediate level.
The song can also be downloaded from:
Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'.
Dance starts on the word ‘Don’t….’ at the very start of the vocals.

Dance start position: Right foot diagonally forward left (no weight)

Sweep. Step. 3/4 Sweep-Fwd. 1/4 Sway. Rec. Cross. Side Touch (12:00)
1 – 2 Sweep right foot front to back. Step onto right.
3 – 4 Turn Ύ left whilst sweeping left foot & step forward onto left – over 2 counts (3).
5 – 6 Turn Ό left & sway right to right side (12). Recover onto left.
7 – 8 Cross right over left. Touch left to left side.

2x Lunge-Side. Full Sweep-Side.2x Lunge-Side (12:00)
9 – 10 Lunge left over right. Step right to right side.
11 – 12 Lunge left behind right. Step right to right side.
13 – 14 Turn full turn right whilst sweeping left foot & step left to left side – over 2 counts (12)
15 – 16 Lunge right behind left. Step left to left side.
17 – 18 Lunge right over left. Step left to left side.

Lunge Back. Rec. Triple Sway. Lunge Back. Rec (12:00)
19 – 20 Lunge backward onto right. Recover onto left.
21& 22 Sway right to right side, sway onto left, sway onto right.
23 – 24 Lunge backward onto left. Recover onto right.
Dance note: Count 23 similar to Rock Backward, but larger step creating the ‘dipping’ motion.

1/4 Large Fwd. Slide-Rock. Rec. 1/2 Fwd. 1/2 Bwd. 2x Sweep Behind (9:00)
25 – 26 Turn Ό left & take large step forward onto left (9). Slide right next to left (prep to continue move).
27 – 28 Rock forward onto right. Recover onto left.
29 – 30 Turn ½ right & step forward onto right (3). Turn ½ right & step backward onto left (9).
31 – 32 with a slight sweep – Step right behind left. with a slight sweep – Step left behind right.

TAG: End of 5th Wall (facing 9:00)
1 – 4 Gentle/soft rock: Forward-Back-Forward-Back.

DANCE FINISH: Count 20 of the 8th Wall (facing 3:00)
To finish facing the ‘Home’ wall, replace counts 19-20 with the following.
19. Lunge right behind left. 20. Turning Ό left – sweep left foot behind right.

Stay bright - Stay happy, Hold on to your dreams
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THE ANSWER: 32/4 Intermediate (video link)
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