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PostSubject: TBR DANCES   Sun 21 Feb 2010, 13:01

JUNGLE ROCK 2: 32/2 Beginner (video completed) along with a video for 'Jungle Rock' RELEASED MARCH 17th
ABRACADABRA: 32/4 Intermediate (with intro and Bridge) (provisional video completed) RELEASED APRIL 6th
TBA: 80/1 Intermediate (with Bridge) provisional LATE APRIL
another dance where the majority of steps and sections have been completed quite a while back... but not totally happy.. until now.

plus continually working on one that Jennifer Choo Sue Chin recommended a while back (the first 4 sections were complete middle of last year.. then scrapped when the timing became unclear.... the first 4 sections can be used with tweaking...

All the dances have already been Choreographed over a period of time and will be released by either the Choreographer (William Sevone) or by proxy over the next couple of months if not sooner..

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