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 Forthcoming (true) Rumba dance

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Forthcoming (true) Rumba dance Empty
PostSubject: Forthcoming (true) Rumba dance   Forthcoming (true) Rumba dance Icon_minitimeTue 22 Sep 2009, 08:57

A new Ballroom (SQQ) Rumba Dance for the Beginner and Intermediate will be previewed here first by the end of the week.
The dance(s) will be then released officially at the end of the month along with a video of each (hopefully.. providing they can get the 'feel' of the dance and music).

Now why 'true' rumba though... (talked about before on another post)
the basic pattern of rumba (which is a generic term anyway) is SQQ.. but in the 1970's the Fred Astaire studios in the US decided to also use QQS.. quite why is anyone’s guess. Confusing then... and still confusing today as many Line Dance Choreographers would not like to admit, because they cannot tell the difference in the rhythm of the music they use and often create a QQS dance to a SQQ piece of music.. and viz versa.. the result being.. a very strange dance (which many people are told is THE must do dance - but you never see them smiling.. lol) ahhhh well such is life at the 'top' 'eh.

There will be two dances to the same piece of music - a piece that possibly most people over 30 - and because of recent events, maybe even younger will recognise straight away.
The correctly phrased Beginner dance will be 40-40-32-40-40-40-24<, whilst the Intermediate will be 80-32-80-64<.

Stay bright - Stay happy, Hold on to your dreams
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Forthcoming (true) Rumba dance
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