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 BLACK MAGIC WOMAN:48&/4 (video link)

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PostSubject: BLACK MAGIC WOMAN:48&/4 (video link)   Sun 21 Jun 2009, 02:12

Black Magic Woman
(aka ‘aBMW’)

Choreographed by:- William Sevone, June 6th 2009
Choreographed to:- "Black magic woman (radio edit)" (125 bpm)... Santana (‘Greatest Hits’/iTunes)
Music note:- Use only the 3m 17s (approx) ‘radio edit’ version for this dance.
Four Wall Line Dance:- 48& count – Intermediate
Choreographers note:- A strong ‘Cuban Motion’ with a short step will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will also have the desired effect of keeping the dancer within the tempo (and rhythm) of the music.
Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'.
Dance starts, within the instrumental intro at 41secs. Count 3-2-1.. then start the dance.

Rock. Recover. Diagonal Triple. Diag Rock. Recover. Diagonal Triple (1:30)
1 – 2 Rock backward onto right. Recover onto left.
3& 4 Triple step diagonally left stepping: R.L-R (10:30)
5 – 6 Raising left foot – turn to face diagonal right (1:30) & rock left forward. Recover onto right.
7& 8 Triple step diagonally right stepping: L.R-L.
Dance note: Triple steps are almost ‘on-the spot’

2x Diagonal Rock-Recover-Diagonal Backward Triple (1:30).
9 – 10 Raising right foot – turn to face diagonal left (10:30) & rock right forward. Recover onto left.
11& 12 Triple step backward diagonally right stepping: R.L-R.
13 – 14 Raising left foot – turn to face diagonal right (1:30) & rock left backward. Recover onto right.
15& 16 Triple step backward stepping: L.R-L.
Dance note: Triple steps are almost ‘on-the spot’

3/4 Right. Coaster. 2x Diagonal Step. Back-Side-Forward (12:00)
17 – 18 Turning ¾ right (to face 12:00) – sweep right foot from front to back over 2 counts.
Option: If the Sweep feels uncomfortable – just raise the right foot off the floor during turn.
19& 20 Step backward onto right, step left next to right, step forward onto right.
21 – 22 Step left diagonally right. Step right diagonally left.
23& 24 Step backward onto left, step right to right side, step forward onto left.

2x 1/4 Side-1/4 Rock Backward-Triple Rock (12:00)
25 – 26 Turn ¼ left (9) & step right to right side. Turn ¼ left (6) & rock back onto left.
27& 28 Rock onto right, rock onto left, recover onto right.
29 – 30 Turn ¼ right (9) & step left to left side. Turn ¼ right (12) & rock back onto right
31& 32 Rock onto left, rock onto right, recover onto left.

2x Walk-Walk-Side Rock-Recover-Cross (12:00)
33 – 34 Walk forward (in line): R.L.
35& 36 Rock right to right side, recover onto left, cross right over left.
37 – 38 Walk forward (in line): L.R.
39& 40 Rock left to left side, recover onto right, cross left over right.

4x Walk Backward. 2x Rock Fwd-Recover. 1/4 Right (3:00)
41 – 44 Walk backward (in line): R.L.R.L
45 – 48 Rock forward onto right. Recover onto left. Repeat.
& With right foot raised – turn ¼ right [ready to ‘rock back’ on count 1] (3)

IMPORTANT: On first wall OMIT the last count (&) after 48.
Do the same on Wall 6 (end of the dance) and omit the ‘&’ so that the dance finishes facing ‘home’ (12:00).
After this point and for a few seconds only the music quickens ups as it fades out. To add a flourish to the end try including forward and backward Coasters.

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Number of posts : 1030
Registration date : 2007-02-21

PostSubject: Re: BLACK MAGIC WOMAN:48&/4 (video link)   Sun 12 Jul 2009, 08:06

Good demo from Candy that also shows the correct timing of the start and 2nd (vocal) wall.
The amount of upper limb use is always dependent on personal taste, though with Cuban motion (posture, hips, ball & flat) the basic raising of the arms (approx chest height) with elbows outward goes a long way in assisting balance. And most certainly, thumbs in belts does not work at all.

Stay bright - Stay happy, Hold on to your dreams
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BLACK MAGIC WOMAN:48&/4 (video link)
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