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 MaggieG in Spain

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PostSubject: MaggieG in Spain   MaggieG in Spain Icon_minitimeMon 27 Apr 2009, 02:09

Just back from a week in Almuņecar -line dancing. sunny
Maggie had written a new dance for it called red coat tiger (i think) to Irish music. It looked great, but with a section a and section b, plus a 16 count tag and a change in rhythm I found it quite hard to pick up - but then it was advanced and I struggle to learn one dance a week Embarassed
There were lots of new dances for all levels. The guest choreographer, Roy Verdonk , was a brilliant dancer and an amusing instructor too. He also taught us some great dances.
It was interesting to meet so many people from all over the world and a most enjoyable holiday
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MaggieG in Spain
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