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 William Sevone's Dances for 2009 (so far)

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PostSubject: William Sevone's Dances for 2009 (so far)   Sat 25 Apr 2009, 02:54


In case anyone (helloooooo..) out there may be wondering if ‘William Sevone’ (aka Mike Taylor) has retired from Choreographing Line dances – the answer is NO!!

No new dances have been put on this site simply because other choreographers appear(ed) reluctant to place their dances on here – but were/are quite happy for me to put them on for them – and it could have created a ‘William Sevone Only Dance Site’ which would have been looked ridiculous.

Below is a list of dances Choreographed by ‘William Sevone’ – all the scripts being on a number of dance sites.
There is an ‘oddball’ dance in the list though – POPPIN. This dance, its music celebrates two personal milestones in my career – my life..40 years Choreographing 400 Line dances – its also pays homage to where and when - for me - it all started .. ‘The Pop Inn’, Manchester, England in 1968.
Choreographed over four years ago, the dance had not seen the ‘light of day’ until now – for that special occasion. (released on 3rd February 2009)
40 years and 400 dances?.. something that ‘Linedancer Magazine’, ‘Up Country Magazine’ (and possibly other journals) chose to ignore, as it was either of no interest or ‘negative’.

DIMPLES – ‘Small dimple’ by JJ Lin & Charlene Choi (32/4 Intermediate)
JELLY TIGHT – Jam Up & Jelly Tight’ by Tommy Roe (ph/1 Intermediate)
MOONLIGHT LADY – ‘Moonlight Lady’ by Julio Iglesias (32/4 Advanced Beginner)
MY LIFE – ‘Waiting For Love’ by JJ Lin & Kym Jin Sha (32/4 Intermediate)
NIGHTIME – ‘Living By Night’ by Mavis Hee (48/4 Intermediate Waltz)
PLAY THE SONG – ‘Play The Song’ by Joey & Rory (32/2 Intermediate)
POPPIN – ‘Finger Poppin’ by Junior Walker & All Stars (16/1 Beginner)
SINGLE LADIES – ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce (32/4 Advanced Beginner)
STREET DANCER – ‘The Streets’ by JJ Lin (32/2 Intermediate)

Music for all the dances can be obtained via usual sources

Stay bright - Stay happy, Hold on to your dreams
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William Sevone's Dances for 2009 (so far)
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