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 Delaney Bramlett. RIP... 27th December 2008

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Delaney Bramlett. RIP... 27th December 2008 Empty
PostSubject: Delaney Bramlett. RIP... 27th December 2008   Delaney Bramlett. RIP... 27th December 2008 Icon_minitimeMon 29 Dec 2008, 13:19

Delaney Bramlett died on Saturday aged 69.

Many will say… who?.

Back in the late 60’s I was a mega fan of Delaney and Bonnie after hearing the track ‘Someday’ and buying their album ‘Accept No Substitute’ and it was really good fortune that I interviewed them both for the BBC (local radio) in 1970. The 10 minute recording was actually edited, by myself from nearly 2 hours of tape only because we became engrossed in musical tastes and heritage etc when we should have been discussing their album (which we did… sort of).
Some will now be beginning to see some sort of connection.
Also at the interview was their Daughter, no older than about 4. Bonnie actually sang a lullaby to the little girl (trying to get her to sleep at one point) as I interviewed Delaney.
Many years later I heard a song being played on a local radio station by Peter Fairhead – and it sent one almighty shiver down my spine (I kid you not). That can’t be Bonnie I thought at the time… but that voice was sooooo much like her.. nobody but NOBODY could drive a sword through those notes like Bonnie.
The male singer was definitely Delbert McClinton and I knew he had recorded with Bonnie on his 1980 album ‘The Jealous Kind’
But it wasn’t Bonnie singing in the background – it was her Daughter…. Bekka
..and the song ‘Leap Of Faith’ by Delbert McClinton.
Life indeed does go around in small circles.. and this World is such a small place.

Bekka is known to the Line dance fraternity for her duets with Billy Burnette and in particular the songs ‘Patient Heart’, ‘Made for Each Other’ and ‘Old Hickory Lake’ all of which were used for Line dance classics.

Delaney, RIP. You gave the World and me so much pleasure listening to your recordings with Bonnie.

Stay bright - Stay happy, Hold on to your dreams
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Delaney Bramlett. RIP... 27th December 2008
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