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 YO TE AMO: 30/4 Intermediate (music by Roy Oribson)

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YO TE AMO: 30/4 Intermediate (music by Roy Oribson) Empty
PostSubject: YO TE AMO: 30/4 Intermediate (music by Roy Oribson)   YO TE AMO: 30/4 Intermediate (music by Roy Oribson) Icon_minitimeMon 15 Dec 2008, 05:58

In keeping with the Latino flavouring last couple of dances 'LIKE I DO' and 'SOUL BOSSA' comes this little ditty.. but don't be fooled by the '30 count'...

Yo Te Amo

Choreographed by:- William Sevone, December 12th 2008
Choreographed to:- "Yo te amo Maria" (98 bpm)...Roy Orbison (many compilations / iTunes)
Four Wall Line Dance:- 30 count - Intermediate
Choreographers note:- The dance includes 3 short Tags and ideally suited for those Advanced Beginners who has just moved up to Intermediate level.
Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'.
Dance starts on the main vocals (after the very short pause in the intro) feet apart, weight on left.

Cross Hitch. 3/4 Right Fwd. 1/4 Right Cross. 2x Diagonal Shuffles (1:30)
1 2 Hitch right knee high and toward left hip. Point right to right side (off floor) - prep to turn right.
3 4 Turn right with right off floor & step forward onto right (9). Turn right & cross left over right (12).
5& 6 Diagonal shuffle left stepping: R.L-R (10:30).
7& 8 Diagonal shuffle right stepping: L.R-L (1:30).

2x Hitch-1/2 Turn. Bwd Coaster. 1/2 Left Bwd Coaster (6:00)
9 10 (turning to face 12) Hitch right knee - prep to turn left. Turn left & short step forward onto right (6).
11 12 Hitch left knee- prep to turn right. Turn right & short step forward onto left (12).
13& 14 Step forward onto right, step left next to right, step backward onto right.
15& 16 Turn left & step forward onto left, step right next to left, step backward onto left (6).

1/2 Right Sweep. Moving Backward:3x Behind. Together-Cross-Point.
Behind-Together-Fwd (12:00)
17 18 Sweep (in arc) right foot right (12). Step right behind left.
19 20 Step left backward and behind right. Step right backward and behind left.
21& 22 Step left next to right, cross right over left, point left to left side.
23& 24 Step left behind right, step right next to left, step forward onto left.

2x Rock-Recover. 1/4 Right Side-Together-Side (3:00)
25 26 pushing hips right & down - Rock forward onto right. Recover onto left.
27 28 pushing hips right & down - Rock forward onto right. Recover onto left.
29& 30 Turn right & step right to right side, touch left next to right, step left to left side (3)

TAG: End of walls 3, 6 and 9
(when you hear the Chorus at the start of the wall this is the tag wall)
1 2 Cross rock right over left. Recover onto left.
3& 4 Step right next to left, cross left over right, point right to right side.

DANCE FINISH: End of wall 9 (last tag wall)
1 2 Sweep (in arc) right foot right. Step right to right side.
3 4 Cross left over right. Step forward onto right.

Stay bright - Stay happy, Hold on to your dreams
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YO TE AMO: 30/4 Intermediate (music by Roy Oribson)
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