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 AUTUMN TEARS:48/2 Inter/Advanced (video link)

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PostSubject: AUTUMN TEARS:48/2 Inter/Advanced (video link)   Fri 21 Nov 2008, 15:50

Another real class dance from Mei Ling.
If you like the look of the dance.. and interested in learning it... but not got the music (or would like a Word.Doc copy of the script).... then contact either Mei Ling or myself ... problem solved.

Autumn Tears

Choreographed by:- Leong Mei Ling. (Email: August 2008
Choreographed to:- "Autumn comes and goes" (77 bpm)... Sally Yeh ("CD: Cantonese version")
Two Wall Line Dance:- 48 count Intermediate/Advanced
Dance video link:
Choreographers note:- This dance was choreographed to the rhythm of the lyrics, therefore follow the flow of the song rather than stick strictly to counts. In this case, the counts act more as a guide.
Dance begins on the main vocals after the 48+4 count intro.

Left Basic, Full Turn Right, Cross 1/2 Turn Left, Cross 3/4 Unwind, Sweep
1-2& Step left to left side, step right behind left, step left across right
3 1/4 turn right step right forward [3:00]
4&5 1/2 turn right, step left back, 1/4 turn right step right to right side, cross left over right [12:00]
6& 1/4 left step back right, 1/4 left step left to side
7-8 Cross right over left, unwind 3/4 left (weight on right) sweeping left from front to back

Weave, Sweep, Right Twinkle, Left Twinkle, Extension
1&2& Step left behind right, step right to right side, step left across right, sweep right from back to front [9:00]
3&4 (Travelling forward) Cross right over left, step left to left, step right diagonally forward [10:30]
5&6 Cross left over right, step right to right, step left diagonally forward [7:30]
7-8 With right toe pointed, lift leg (bent knee) then extend right leg forward
(Note: Bend your standing leg ever so slightly to maintain stability if necessary)
Hands: extend your left hand forward as if reaching for your right toe; extend right hand back.

Steps Back, Diagonal Back, Step Together (2x), Cross Rock
1-2& Step right back, take small steps back left, right [9:00]
3-4& Step left back to right diagonal (body angled to 7:30), step right beside left (9:00), step left diagonal left forward
5-6& Angle body to 10:30) Step right back to left diagonal, step left beside right (9:00), Step right diagonal right forward
(body angled to 10:30)
7-8 Step left forward across right, recover weight to right [10:30]

Weave, 1/4 Right Forward, Full Turn, Sweep, Weave, Press Recover
1a& Step left behind right, square back to 12:00 step right to side, cross left over right,
2 Turn 1/4 right step right forward [3:00] and execute a full right turn, sweeping left around
3-4 Step left beside right, sweeping right foot in a semi-circle from front to back
5&6 Step right behind left, step left to left, step right across left
7 Step left to left
Hands: sweep right hand forward in a semi-circle at shoulder level as left hand stretches out to left,
level to ground

8 Recover weight onto right, drawing left towards right
Hands: raise right hand gently in an arc above the head ending with it pointing to 1:30, left drops
slightly towards ground). Final position of hand: right hand pointing to 1:30, left hand pointing to 7:30

Back Cross Side, Diagonal Forward Rock, Back Cross Side, Diagonal Forward Rock (2x)
1&2 In small steps: Cross left behind right, step right to right, step left across right
3-4 Face right diagonal: press right forward, recover onto left [4:30]
Hands: Stretch right hand forward as though reaching for something ahead
5&6 In small steps: Cross right behind left, step left to left, step right across left
7-8 Face left diagonal: rock left forward, recover onto right [1:30]
Hands: Stretch left hand forward as though reaching for something ahead

Weave, Modified Diamond, Sway Left-Right
1a&a Facing 3:00: cross left behind right, step right to right, cross left over right, 1/8 turn left step back on right [1:30]
2 spiral 1/4 left [10:30]
3&4 Step forward left, right, step left slightly across right [10:30],
5&6 Turn 1/4 step back right, turn 1/8 left step left to side, step right across left
7-8 Sway left, sway right


To END the dance: You will be facing 9:00 and completing steps 33-40 (Section 5). After count 40, do this:
1&2 Step left behind and across right, 1/4 turn right step right forward, step left forward
3-4 Walk forward right, left
5 Full spiral turn to the right with weight on left
6 Small step forward with right (to regain balance)
7-8 End gracefully with hand styling (to your own discretion and creativity) ;-)

TAG (After the 1st wall):
1 Step left across right
2 1/4 left turn step right back
3 1/4 left turn step left to left side
4 Step right across left

Stay bright - Stay happy, Hold on to your dreams
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AUTUMN TEARS:48/2 Inter/Advanced (video link)
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