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 MALAYSIAN MONTAGE... Dancing In Asia 2008

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PostSubject: MALAYSIAN MONTAGE... Dancing In Asia 2008   Tue 18 Nov 2008, 09:37

Want to what a Line Dance social/jam in Malaysia looks like.. want to know what’s danced .. then be my guest….



And believe when I say... all over Malaysia and Singapore you dance till your heart and feet are content. Dancing in 'open spaces' and shopping malls is quite common - and accepted. Not like the UK 'eh... where someone is bound to arrest you for being D&D (and of course EVERYONE knows - good dancers DONT drink n' dance).
If dancing in the street is not your cuppa.... there are plenty of club social/jams going on - under cover Shocked Twisted Evil

Stay bright - Stay happy, Hold on to your dreams
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MALAYSIAN MONTAGE... Dancing In Asia 2008
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