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 LIKE I DO: 32/4 Beginner (music by Maureen Evans)

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PostSubject: LIKE I DO: 32/4 Beginner (music by Maureen Evans)   Mon 17 Nov 2008, 15:10

Like the dance ‘TAG’, which introduced a single tag into a non complicated dance I have done the same with the ‘RESTART’. Like ‘TAG’, this dance is aimed solely at the experienced Beginner, though and again like ‘TAG’ it may also find a niche with Advanced Beginners and Intermediate dancers alike. The music used will be known by many many people and not just dancers.

Like I Do

Choreographed by:- William Sevone. November 13th 2008
Choreographed to:- "Like I do" (114 bpm)...Maureen Evans (many compilations / iTunes)
Four Wall Line Dance:- 32 count - Beginner
Choreographers note:- This dance is ideally suited and aimed for the Beginner who is experienced enough to incorporate a restart (and a little ‘styling’) into their learning curve and dances - much in the same way as the dance ‘TAG’ did.
Technically not a Cha Cha - but you can add as much the associated Latino styling and flair as you want to.
Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'.
Dance starts after the 16 count intro on the vocals. Feet together and weight on the left.

Side Rock-Rec-Behind. Rock. Rec. Side Rock-Rec-Cross. Rock. Rec (12:00).
1& 2 Rock right to right side, recover onto left, step right behind left.
3 – 4 Rock forward onto left. Recover onto right.
5& 6 Rock left to left side, recover onto right, cross left over right.
7 – 8 Rock backward onto right. Recover onto left.

2x Dip Rock-Rec-Together-Bwd-1/2 Turn-Together (12:00)
9 (dipping at knees & on balls of feet) Rock forward onto right,
& (straightening up – still on balls of feet) Recover onto left,
10 (full foot on floor) Step right next to left.
11 – 12 Step backward onto left. Turn ½ left & step right next to left (6).
13 (dipping at knees & on balls of feet) Rock forward onto left,
& (straightening up – still on balls of feet) Recover onto right,
14 (full foot on floor) Step left next to right.
15 – 16 Step backward onto right. Turn ½ right & step left next to right (12).
Style note: Count 9&, 13&: add a little hip and shoulder movement
RESTART: Wall 5: restart the dance (and wall) from Count 1

Cross-Bwd-1/4 Right Fwd. Fwd. Pivot 1/2 Right.Cross-Bwd-1/4 Right Fwd.
Side. Together (6:00)

17& 18 Cross right over left, step backward onto left, turn ¼ right & step forward onto right (3)
19 – 20 Step forward onto left. Pivot ½ right (weight on right) (9)
21& 22 Cross left over right, step backward onto right, turn ¼ left & step forward onto left (6)
23 – 24 Step left to left side. Step right next to left.

Side-Cross-Point. Behind. Point. Behind-1/4 Left Bwd-Fwd. Rock. Rec (3:00)
25& 26 Step right (slightly backward) to right side, cross left over right, point right toe to right side.
27 – 28 Step right (slightly backward) behind left. Point left toe to left side.
29& 30 Step left behind right, turn ¼ left & step backward onto right (3), Step left forward.
31 – 32 Rock forward onto right. Recover onto left.

DANCE FINISH: Wall 7 Count 16 facing 6:00.
To finish the dance facing the ‘home’ wall, replace counts 15-16 with –
15& 16 Triple step/Cha Cha Cha onto spot FULL turn right stepping R.L-R.

Music Note: Derived from the ‘The Dance Of The Hours’ from the Opera ‘La Gioconda’ by Ponchielli.
This recording by Maureen Evans predates the famous Allan Sherman classic ‘Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah’.

Stay bright - Stay happy, Hold on to your dreams
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LIKE I DO: 32/4 Beginner (music by Maureen Evans)
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