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 LEAVE RIGHT NOW: 32/4 Inter (music by Will Young)

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LEAVE RIGHT NOW: 32/4 Inter (music by Will Young) Empty
PostSubject: LEAVE RIGHT NOW: 32/4 Inter (music by Will Young)   LEAVE RIGHT NOW: 32/4 Inter (music by Will Young) Icon_minitimeThu 13 Nov 2008, 08:56

Yep... an oldish song... welllllllllllll... November 2003.
The dance is phrased to the music . This phrasing does, at first appear tricky and maybe that why there doesn’t appear to be any other phrased dance to this music, but like most phrased dances the restarts (in this case) are quite easy to spot. The one on count 30 can spring up on you - until you hear the music a couple of times. But, as its been out and about for nearly five years most people will know where it is and will become instantly recognisable.

if you require a Word.Doc copy email me direct or go to:
and click onto the 'blue' download arrow.

Leave Right Now

Choreographed by:- William Sevone. November 6th 2008
Choreographed to:- "Leave right now" (82 bpm)... Will Young ("Friday’s Child" / iTunes)
Four Wall Line Dance:- 32 count – Intermediate
Dance Sequence:- 32-16-32-32-16-30-32-16-32-24f
Choreographers note:- The dance is fully phrased to the music with easy to remember (3) restarts and one restart within the last section of the 6th Wall which coincides with the ‘new wall’. This particular
restart (2m 7sec approx) is instantly recognised with the sudden change in music style.
To simplify the dance structure, each restart has been called a ‘new wall’
Add as much of your own styling as you feel merits the dance and your own personal attitude.

Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'.
Dance starts after the 11 sec intro on the main vocals, feet slightly apart and weight on left.

Rock. Rec. 1/2 Left Coaster. Behind-3/4 Left-Rock. Heel. 1/4 Right Side (12:00)
1–2 Rock right behind left. Recover onto left.
3&4 Turn ¼ left (9) & step backward onto right, step left next to right,
turn ¼ left (6) & step right to right side.
5&6 Step left behind right, turn ¾ left (9), rock/stretch forward onto right (left heel raised).
7–8 Lower left heel to floor. Turn ¼ right (12) & step right to right side.

Rock. Rec. 1/2 Right Coaster. Behind-3/4 Right-Rock. Heel. 1/4 Left Side (12:00)
9–10 Rock left behind right. Recover onto right.
11&12 Turn ¼ right (3) & step backward onto left, step right next to left,
turn ¼ right (6) & step left to left side.
13&14 Step right behind left, turn ¾ right (3), rock/stretch forward onto left (right heel raised).
15–16 Lower right heel to floor. Turn ¼ left (12) & step left to left side.
RESTART: Walls 2, 5 And 8 – Restart Dance From Count 1

Full Turn. Bwd. 1/4 Right Shuffle. 1/2 Right Shuffle. Bwd. Diagonal. (9:00)
17 Raising right knee- make a full on-the-spot turn left & step backward onto right.
18 Step backward onto left foot with right leg & foot stretched forward
Style note: Count 18: step backward onto toe then whole/plate of foot.
19&20 (with right still raised) Turn ¼ right (3) & shuffle forward stepping: R.L-R.
21&22 Turning shuffle: ¼ right side (6), together, ¼ right backward (weight on left foot) (9)
23 Step backward onto right foot with left leg & foot stretched forward.
Style note: Count 23: step backward onto toe then whole/plate of foot.
24 Step left foot diagonally right.

3x Diagonal. 1/2 Left Side. Fwd. Cross-Together-Side. 2x Bwd Sweep/Arc (3:00)
25–26 (moving forward) Step right foot diagonally left. Step left foot diagonally right.
27&28 Step right foot diagonally left, turn ½ left & step left to left side (3), step forward onto right.
29&30 Cross left over right, step right next to left, step left slightly to left side and backward.
RESTART: Wall 6 (including previous restarts) a short wall - continue the dance from Count 1
31–32 (moving backward) Sweep/arc right behind left. Swing/arc left behind right.

DANCE FINISH: Count 24 Wall 10 (including restarts). To finish facing ‘home’:
Replace Count 24 with: Turn ¼ left & touch left next to right.

Stay bright - Stay happy, Hold on to your dreams
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LEAVE RIGHT NOW: 32/4 Inter (music by Will Young)
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