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 Time to fly

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Dancing Gal

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PostSubject: Time to fly   Thu 06 Sep 2007, 01:49

I started learning this when it was week 3 of the teach and have to confess I struggled as week 3 seems to be a quick walk through from this particular instructor. It was only week 1 for me. Found myself facing the wrong wall quite often. Week 4 (week 2 for me) had another go and got better but still a struggle trying to follow everyone else. Not a good plan when everyone else seems to be as lost as me.

However I like the music and I know that once I master the steps and the timing that it will be one that I like. Id quite like to have an alternative instructor teach it just once would do someone who gives the 1 ,2, 3 count since it is a waltz. But hey ho you get what your given and Im not going to stress about it just go with the flow. Im tempted to print off the script and practise at home but I dont really want to go down that rocky road again.
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PostSubject: Re: Time to fly   Thu 06 Sep 2007, 04:30

Love it! Very Happy Have been doing this for a while, its really nice! Didnt like the music at first, but I really do now!
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Time to fly
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