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 Silver Moon

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PostSubject: Silver Moon   Thu 06 Sep 2007, 01:49

This dance was on week 2 at the class but was week 1 for me. I liked the music Ė donít mind a bit of Enrique every now and then. Quite liked the dance as it was relatively easy to pick up. No annoying Ďandí steps and the steps felt quite natural to the music. Seemed to be popular with the rest of the class so it may be worthwhile using the brain cells and learning this one properly.
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Moon   Thu 06 Sep 2007, 04:37

Something bothers me about this dance. I love the song, and the steps fit the music really very well, plus I love the last section with the point-cross and what-not, but it feels as if you cant put much effort into it. The steps dont seem to allow for any styling, felt like I was barely moving from my ankles up!! Also youre facing the same wall for a lot of the middle-section, gets a bit boring looking at the back of the same persons head! Laughing

Could be just me, on monday we did it at the end of the night and I was a bit tired! Sleep Sleep
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Silver Moon
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