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 MISSING YOU: 32/4 Beginner (Alison Krauss & John Waite)

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PostSubject: MISSING YOU: 32/4 Beginner (Alison Krauss & John Waite)   Sat 12 May 2007, 13:05


Choreographed by: William Sevone. April 2nd 2007.
Choreographed to: Missing you (103 bpm) by Alison Krauss & John Waite (A Hundred Miles Or More)
Recommended Alternative: Missing you (103 bpm) by John Waite (many compilations)
Four Wall Line Dance: 32 count - Beginner
Choreographers note: The dance is ideal for those about to move up to Advanced Beginner (new levels).
Always remember - The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul.
Dance starts on the vocals with feet together and weight on the left foot.

If you require a script and a sample of the music, please email:

just require the script??:

..or download the script, watch and listen to the music on:

You will notice that I along with a number of others use the term 'Advanced Beginner' and not 'Improver'. For the simple fact is - we are all improving, irrespective of what level we are at.
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MISSING YOU: 32/4 Beginner (Alison Krauss & John Waite)
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