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 Jive Aces - live in Covent Garden

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Fiona Haywood

Fiona Haywood

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Jive Aces - live in Covent Garden Empty
PostSubject: Jive Aces - live in Covent Garden   Jive Aces - live in Covent Garden Icon_minitimeSat 21 Apr 2007, 15:30

Hi everyone

What a fantastic day we had! Jive Aces started off their set with Jive, Jive, Jive Aces so of course, we were on first dancing Alan's dance Jive Aces - we met Suzie, Ruthie B (The Real World) and their friends and a big thanks goes out to them as they danced Jive Aces with us - it was great!

The band are absolutely brilliant - lindy hoppers and jivers all around (wish I could do that!!!!).

Anyway, later in the set they played Change, Start and Stop which is the track that Pat Stott has written to and we danced her dance Stop and Start which is a good dance which fits the track really well and a big thanks goes to Pat for introducing us to Jive Aces!!!

Lots going on as it was a big St Georges Day Festival so the place was packed out! We had lovely weather for the day too - which added to the enjoyment. Grazia - who is the publicist for the band - videoed us dancing Jive Aces and I hope to get this onto Watch and Learn soon so you can all see the band in full flow!!!

We are defo fans and will be going to see Jive Aces again as soon as we find a gig not too far away from where we live!!!!

Great to meet to new people too!

Fi x
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Jive Aces - live in Covent Garden
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